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serv-corktileCork floor tiling is a very resilient product, retaining its shape and elasticity under heavy traffic conditions, no matter how much it is walked on. It’s been popular for use in public buildings such as schools, hospitals, churches, banks, libraries and other government buildings. In fact, the oldest cork flooring installation in the United Kingdom is in a church near Cambridge dating from 1898.

Cork flooring is even durable enough to hold up to furniture and high heels! That’s because each square centimeter of cork composed of 40 million cells – each cell functioning as a miniature shock absorber. These cells, as well as the spaces between them, are filled with a gaseous mixture similar to air. The softness and resilience of the flooring causes less of a grinding action to occur with normal foot traffic than on harder surfaces such as hardwood floors. That is what makes cork so remarkable and ideal for flooring. Sanding process is virtually the same as a hardwood floor and can be equally as unforgiving if attempted my untrained persons.