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We set up our business in 1995. We are Members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen and take pride in our work. These days we take extra care when it comes to health and safety.

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Our specialist teams, have an impressive breadth of experience, offering you the most professional service in our industry.

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We draw on over 30 years of Floor Sanding experience, successfully managing and expanding our business as well as our customer base for the repeat business.

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To deliver a 1st class service that remains highly competitive, we know we must constantly evolve and develop our products and services to stay ahead of our competitors.

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We have qualified and experienced estimators that cover the south east of England. Our services teams work from our head office in London.


Because we are part of the “FLOOR SANDER HIRE GROUP”, our buying power and insight to the latest up to date machinery is what keeps us apart from our competitors. We boast more professional machinery than any other company in the UK.


Cork Wood Flooring Tile Sanding London & Home Counties

If you have cork flooring in your property, you may wish to have it sanded. We treat cork floors in a special way. We will give your cork floor a light sand with a trio Sander or a large buffering machine and we can then lacquer it.

We have been serving customers since 1995 in London and the Home Counties. We offer Cork Wood Flooring Tile Sanding services and will come to your home or premises to do a free consultation.


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Cork Wood Flooring Tile Sanding faqs

Yes, definitely. It is almost always the best choice to sand and refinish cork wood floors. This is because cork wood is so long-lasting. In fact, a cork wood floor can be sanded and refinished up to ten times before it needs to be replaced.

Cork wood floors are hygienic, practical, and very stylish; unlike carpets, they do not harbour pests and are simple to maintain. They are very simple to clean and do not have funky odours from pets or tobacco from previous occupants. It is also an excellent heat conductor, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

When sanding cork floors, we treat cork floors in a special way. We will give your cork floor a light sand with a trio Sander or a large buffering machine and we can then lacquer it. This means that the process removes less than in many other types of wood floors. The amount varies from job to job.

We want your varnish to give your floors year and years of protection. We do not use any of the varnishes found in D.I.Y shops or stores. We use only high-quality professional varnish produced by Leading supplier BonakemiIt is water-based has very little odour and gives a beautiful hard-wearing finish. This varnish is sold exclusively to us direct from Bonakemi

The simple answer to that question is to decorate first. What we would ask is that the last coat of paint to go on the skirting board be applied after we have done the floor.

By the way, we also have a team of professional decorators if you would like to paint the room before sanding or installation.

What is Cork Wood Flooring?

Cork wood flooring is manufactured by harvesting the bark of the cork oak tree. The harvesting process does not involve the actual removal of any trees; thus, it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly resource. The harvested cork wood can be kept as slices, or ground into granules before combined with bonding resin to produce tiles or planks. In the tile cut, cork wood flooring is produced in the traditional 12 by 12 inch or 12 by 24-inch dimension. While cork planks are typically manufactured in the size 12 by 36 inches. Cork is naturally light to medium brown colour which can be stained in a variety of tones to meet the desired appearance.

Cork tiles can be produced in a variety of colours as displayed above.

Why Cork Wood Flooring?


Under high traffic conditions, cork floors are very durable. The reason for this is largely due to the structure of the cork tile or plank. Each square centimetre of the cork is composed of up to 40 million cells, each acting as a shock absorber. As well as providing durability, cork can absorb sound and heat. This makes the flooring relatively quiet and comfortable to walk on. Moreover, cork flooring is resilient to damage and dents. Primarily, this is due to the innate structure of the cork, where each cell is surrounded by pockets of gas. This creates a cushioning effect that prevents impressions from leaving dents. Another benefit is that cork flooring is a sustainable alternative to traditional wood or laminate flooring.


Like most wood floors, cork is not waterproof. Therefore, in order to avoid soaking conditions, cork flooring is unsuitable for bathrooms and areas that have high humidity. Another point to consider is the resilience of cork. Although it has the ability to spring back from indentations, pressure from extremely heavy objects can result in long-term damage. Notably, cork flooring is prone to staining and therefore requires periodic resealing to uphold its appearance.

Maintenance and Cleaning

A general rule of thumb is to avoid excessive moisture when cleaning. Gentle brushing, hoovering and dry mopping is recommended. It is advisable to use a well-drained microfibre cloth/mop to minimise water saturation. To preserve the shape and formation of the cork flooring, it is important to maintain temperatures between 16-28°C and relative air humidity of between 40-65%. To prevent dents,  felt pads can be added to furnishings. The polyurethane finish must be reapplied every 6-24 months to bolster the protection of the cork wood. In the event of staining, a touch-up oil in the appropriate colour may be used to create a seamless finish.

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