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floorboard sandingWe started sanding floor boards back in 1992; this type of flooring is found in 98% of homes up and down the country hidden under carpets (true crime). In our opinion; properly sanded floor boards can look as good or if not better than expensive hardwood, parquet floors.. One thing is for sure, sanded floorboards fit the style and character of most houses. We would say that we are specialists in floorboard sanding and finishing.

This type of floor is our preferred floor, reason being that as quality tradesmen, we like to see the final result as perfect on what ever floor we do. The transformation that is produced on floorboards is like no other floor. Floorboards are defiantly the most versatile floor, Pine floor boards can be stained, gap filled painted, waxed, oiled, scuffed, washed, bleached or lacquered your preference. We can show you all finishes from our sample boards, ask the estimator for details when he arrives to quote your floor.