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Floorboard Restoration

Floor Sanding offers complete and expert wood floorboard restoration services to revive old and worn-down flooring. Below we have created a short guide to explain the key elements of the process.

Oil finish

Oak hardwood restoration with a glossy oil finish.

1. Site Preparation

The first step is to assess the condition of the pre-existing wood flooring. Any soiled, or severely damages planks must be removed and replaced. For a full guide on wood floorboard installation, please visit our page Floorboard Fitting.

2. Sanding

The next step is to sand floor to remove the top layer of worn-down wood. Sanding can only be done on engineered, parquet and hardwood flooring. Cork tile flooring can be refinished with wax, however extensive damage will require complete upheaval. This would also be the case for laminated flooring as it doesn’t contain any real wood.

To sand the floors, a variety of sanding machines can be used to mechanically remove the worn-down layer of wood. Since sanding machines are expensive, it is best to hire them out or have our professional, experienced technicians do the job for you!

Floorboard sanding
Photo: Floor Sander Hire. Bona 8 inch belt sander.

3. Finish

Finally, the floorboards are finished with an oil, lacquer or wax to nourish, protect and enhance the beauty of your flooring. To ensure the finish is applied evenly, a roller can be used to coat the flooring, making sure to apply along the grain of the wood. Each layer must dry before the next is applied. Depending on the product used, 1-3 layers is the benchmark.

Oiled flooring must be replenished with oil every 6-24 months to bolster the protection of the wood. In the event of staining, a touch-up oil in the appropriate colour may be used to create a seamless finish. Lacquered and wax finishes harden over time and thus provide greater protection. As such, refinishing can be considered if and when the coating has worn off.

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