Engineered Wood Flooring

The following points refer to all sanding jobs we undertake:

  • Whereas we give an estimate of time based on our experience, not all floors are the same and the stated time might be exceeded in some instances.
  • If we have done a survey it will not always show up any defects or additional work that may be needed as this is often shown once the sanding commences or the carpets/underlay/engineered flooring/building equipment etc are lifted.
  • There may be paint scuffs/chips to any skirting boards and stair boards, this cannot be avoided as the machines are powerful and will cause this to happen, we recommend the skirting board is painted after the floors are sanded.
  • Also sometimes the walls will get scuffed although we will take the utmost care to avoid this.
  • When nailing down loose boards there is a possibility on some occasions for the plaster in the ceiling under the floor to crack.
  • We will happily nail down a few loose boards as part of the job, but if there are a lot need fixing down, or screwing down, we will have to charge for this service as it is time consuming.
  • If there are loose blocks caused by sanding or any other reason on a Parquet floor we can re glue but this will involve extra costs
  • Our machines are as dust free as you can get, but there will be some dust, especially from the smaller machines, we will try to keep this to a minimum.
  • Where there has been a carpet or stair runner, the shading may be different to the rest of the flooring, even after sanding.
  • We will try and match any reclaimed boards as close as possible to your existing boards but cannot always get an exact match.
  • Where floors are painted before we sand, we cannot guarantee removing all the paint as some gets imbedded in knots and also the gaps between boards
  • Gap filling with resin only to floorboards especially will only be successful if the boards are not too thin or moving/springy and the gaps not too big, We recommend fitting a Draughtex seal under before applying the resin.
  • Resin only gap filling is suitable for Parquet, T & G, Engineered flooring or floors that have a solid floor underneath.
  • We can only guarantee resin filler for 3 months due to its nature.
  • Squeaking floorboards can be caused if the joists that the boards are secured to underneath are not loose or moving or a weakness due to the thickness of the board.
  • We will not move electrical items and all cables/leads etc must be placed out of harms way before we commence.
    We can take up carpets at a cost but we will not dispose of them as the charges for our commercial vehicles at the dumps are very high.
  • Unless stated we have not priced for moving any furniture. If we price to move furniture it is for access to the floors only
  • If some furniture cannot be removed we can do the room in two halves but this will add to the cost, also the two halves might not exactly match especially if stained
  • If staining, we will put down some samples for the customers approval first as stains react differently to all types of wooden floors.
  • Although we will quote for 3 coats of lacquer under our services, if we stain we will only apply 2 coats of lacquer as the stain acts as the prime coat, this also applies to whitewash etc
  • Hearth Re-stitch will involve removing the concrete and either using the concrete as a base or fitting joists under, the boards will be staggered so as it does not look as if a hearth has been there.
  • If when sanding we find the joists are poorly fitted or need replacing we can repair this but it will be at an extra cost.
  • If we have not done a survey we can only assume the floor is fit for sanding without any repairs/ gap filling etc so extra costs may be incurred.
  • When we arrive (unless agreed otherwise) we expect the floors to be free of all obstacles and ready to sand.
  • We need free access to the floors with no other trades working or using the area for access as this will delay the work and charges may be incurred.
  • Steps are considered different and are not part of the floor area and will have a different cost
  • Stairs we will quote for treads and risers normally, if you want the edges sanded that will be at an extra cos
floor sanding London Hallway before-1 BEFORE
floor sanding London Hallway After 1-1 AFTER